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Product Design

Branding Strategy


M1 mini Projector
Pocket Projector

The awesome M1 mini is an ultra-compact, projection companion targeted for Millennials. Its 2-in-1, lens cap and stand combo, provides protection and simple UX. Users feel the WOW factor with 60” images and JBL audio and connects to any mobile, via HDMI. The M1 mini’s built-in power bank charges your devices and its 90° lens swivel mean cool ceiling projections for fun sleepovers or bedtime movies.

X10 Projector 
Home Projector

The X10 4K UHD mobile cinema is easily placed atop a coffee table, projecting images of 100” @ 1.77m via its short-throw lens. The chic stitched tan leather handle and foldable cover, copper anodized knurled dial, framed in an beveled surround complete the bespoke fit and finish. An eclectic combination of craftsmanship, intuitive UX and intricate design details make this a vogue piece of urban art.

VX85 Monitor
Consumer Monitor

The VX85 is a FHD monitor, fully specked for your entertainment needs . Geometric metaphors constitute the core design essence, featuring a sharp angular aluminum neck and patented rotational ringed thrust-bearing swivel for effortless mobility and sleek cable management, in combo with the TPR grommet. The fabric textured base function adds style and a non-slip KB / Phone surface contrasting the front borderless bezel.

M1 Portable Projector 
Mobile Projector

The M1 is a holistic sharing and projection partner with premium specifications encompassing quality and safety. The OOTB experience is completed via a 3-in-1, metal stand, lens cap, power combo. It requires no tripod or book for height adjustment due to a built-in swivel stand which results in perfect projection onto the ceiling or wall every time.

Branding / Audio

A powerful, 3D surround sound, DSP pocket audio device featuring innovative extendable aluminum tubes for maximum SPL volume, amazing spatial surround sound and dynamic bass extensions. Handy roll-out TPR strap/stand for convenient hands-free AV phone sharing and an embedded screw insert attaches off-the- shelf attachments like suction cups, bike mounts etc. for even more versatility.

Branding / Audio

Collage is defined as ‘Audio Art Engineering’. It is sublime and is the centerpiece of your interior décor. Part art, part interior/ industrial /furniture /acoustic design, wrapped in one tidy package. Collage is a contrast of extremes, with its subtle design hiding its powerful, visceral acoustics.

Branding / Audio

For iPad users, video calls and watching HD content on a crisp, retina display can now be matched with a high-res audio mini-theatre experience. The Boompack successfully delivers portability and protection, in combo with a pair of patented, paper-thin foldable electrostatic drivers for amazing stereo sound enjoyment.

Branding / Audio

The ElectroBlade is a minimal, yet holistic industrial design, featuring natural wood, metal and fabric finishes. It uses proprietary “Electrostatz Technology” and is the world’s first blade-thin AV electrostatic (ESL) speaker. ESL’s are reknown for excellent spatial, natural and atmospheric acoustic qualities. Its a true wireless solution for the chic, modern, living room, acting as a dual purpose sound bar / digital music player.

Branding / Audio

Filo challenges the audio stereotypes, removing boxiness, metal meshes and buttons, for a modern piece of wall-hanging audio art. Never intended to be speaker-like, but rather as part of the interior, furnishings and living space. Buttonless and completely wrapped in chic audio quality fabric for the style-conscious audio listener and product design connoisseur.

Branding / Audio

The design team’s ultimate goal was to create a world-class full-range, high-end, loudspeaker system. Highly acclaimed in audiophile shows globally for both its exceptional acoustics and design form. The Finale’s core mission is to showcase the patented SBESL (self-biased electrostatic loudspeaker) technology. Manufacturing techniques borrowed from the audiophile industry, as well as the automotive, yachting and high-precision machining sectors, made the limited production run a complete success.

Sopranino Super Tweeters
Branding / Audio

Soprano’s SBESL™ super-tweeters, brings electrostatic superiority, long considered the holy grail for its transparency and resolution, to essentially any full-range loudspeaker system, with frequency extensions well over 40kHz. The mass-produced glass and aluminum super tweeters have received the highest accolades in the audiophile community for its technological innovation, amazing detailed acoustics and cutting edge industrial design.

Branding / Audio

The Volute hi-end desktop speakers for the MAC community. Excellence in design, engineering and acoustics are represented in its solid aluminum extrusion and CNC machined construction. It utilizes electrostatic tweeters in combo with the neo woofers for unparalleled audio quality. Volute fills an exceptional void in the market space for expensive, high-end desktop acoustics, that are precision engineered to the highest industry standard.

WBR-6000 / N_One Wireless Broadband Router
Product Identity / Networking

European SOHO users want reliable connection in a stylish package. No silver boxes please! The router series was created as part of a newly developed Product Identity (PI) System designed for Germany’s Level One. The PI covered cross-product lines, linking the corporate brand story, product family look, yet maintaining economy of manufacturing and chic styling geared for the European TA.

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